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Cnnzltuttxa3Tuxo Video Embed List

    1. CNN debunks Trump's latest border claims
      Duration: 10:48

    2. Erin Burnett: We are past Trump's red line
      Duration: 3:05

    3. Ex-Trump staffer reacts to Trump's tweet about him during live CNN interview
      Duration: 9:57

    4. CNN analyst: It's like Trump's tweet was written by Putin
      Duration: 8:02

    5. CNN exclusive: Robert Mueller met with Trump's pollster
      Duration: 7:17

    6. CNN analyst questions difference between King and Trump
      Duration: 4:10

    7. CNN reporter details Mueller’s recent activity
      Duration: 8:34

    8. Trump on Rosenstein: I won't comment until I get the facts
      Duration: 14:48

    9. CNN gives Trump's State of the Union a reality check
      Duration: 3:38

    10. Anderson Cooper: The world changed today for Trump
      Duration: 10:52

    11. Trump slams US intelligence chiefs as naive and wrong
      Duration: 6:37

    12. Trump spent 60% of working hours in 'executive time,' report says
      Duration: 5:45

    13. Don Lemon says speech is Trump's 'last, best tool'
      Duration: 6:54

    14. Angry Donald Trump clashes with CNN reporters at news conference
      Duration: 4:37

    15. Nancy Pelosi to Trump: State of the Union is off while government is shut down
      Duration: 5:21

    16. Anderson Cooper debunks Trump’s shutdown claims
      Duration: 9:32

    17. CNN Right Now 2/4/2019 | CNN BREAKING NEWS Today Feb 4, 2019
      Duration: 37:06

    18. Sciutto: Trump's latest conspiracy is a lie
      Duration: 7:34

    19. FBI debunks Trump's latest conspiracy theory
      Duration: 2:58