Horses Race To Escape Butte County Wildfire

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Horses Race To Escape Butte County Wildfire Video Embed List

    1. Horses race to escape Butte County wildfire
      Duration: 0:25

    2. Hundreds of Horses Stampede in Desperate Escape From California Fires
      Duration: 2:16

    3. Cellist Escapes Butte County Wildfire On Bicycle
      Duration: 2:15

    4. Men Run Into Burning Barn To Save Horses Trapped by California Wildfires | The Dodo
      Duration: 1:49

    5. Burned Trainer Herrick, Horse Travel Fire-Recovery Road Together | San Diego Union-Tribune
      Duration: 3:59

    6. Horses set free to escape Lilac Fire near Bonsall in San Diego County
      Duration: 1:51

    7. Real Footage,(18+) People found Dead in Cars, Burned trying to escape from Wildfire
      Duration: 3:33

    8. Paradise California Fire Dad, Kids & Pets Near Death Escape WARNING VERY INTENSE VIDEOCamp Fire Ca
      Duration: 5:27

    9. Horse badly burned in Cottonwood Fire making 'miraculous' recovery
      Duration: 2:49

    10. Rescuers Work Frantically to Free Horses From Burning Barn in Bonsall
      Duration: 10:07

    11. Camp Fire: Tens of thousands flee Butte County wildfire
      Duration: 3:47

    12. RAW: Camp Fire erupts in Butte County, California, forcing thousands to flee
      Duration: 6:39

    13. Horses freed from enclosure to escape California wildfire
      Duration: 1:23

    14. Fire Survivors: So Many Displaced, So Few Places To Go
      Duration: 2:44

    15. Butte County Residents Flee As Wildfire Grows
      Duration: 2:04

    16. Horse owner discusses the difficulties surviving the CA wildfires
      Duration: 2:29

    17. Nurse Nichole Jolly's near death experience as she fled California wildfire
      Duration: 4:40

    18. The stuntman rescuing horses from the California fires
      Duration: 2:55

    19. Woman bravely trying to escape the fire at California 2018
      Duration: 2:32

    20. Californians Band Together to Save Horses from Wildfires
      Duration: 1:31