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Cgtlnxi4Du1Hlwm Video Embed List

    1. Learning Chinese at CGTN
      Duration: 3:01

    2. Yan Liang discusses US-China trade relationship
      Duration: 5:50

    3. China supports Chinese companies to use legal means of protection
      Duration: 1:34

    4. Iranian FM meets Chinese counterpart in Beijing
      Duration: 0:27

    5. CGTN’s 2018 year-end special: Pivotal Moments
      Duration: 51:10

    6. CGTN Observes: Two Chinese cities could change 5G history
      Duration: 3:16

    7. China’s naval modernization and its changing polices
      Duration: 28:58

    8. The Point: China's leadership gains global popularity over U.S.
      Duration: 14:53

    9. China raises tariffs in response to U.S. measures
      Duration: 26:01

    10. China’s Mega Projects: Manufacturing
      Duration: 50:02

    11. Malaysian PM talks to CGTN on BRI influence
      Duration: 4:38

    12. The Point: Why is the U.S. lagging behind China in 5G?
      Duration: 14:20

    13. China’s Mega Projects: The 24-hour megacity
      Duration: 49:37

    14. CGTN America Live: Live broadcast of CGTN newscasts. China Global Television Network.
      Duration: 32:58

    15. We are now CGTN, China Global Television Network
      Duration: 1:49

    16. Promo: CCTV launches CGTN
      Duration: 1:11