Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani Being Considered For Ag

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Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani Being Considered For Ag Video Embed List

    1. Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Pam Bondi reportedly considered for AG
      Duration: 4:04

    2. Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani Considered For Attorney General
      Duration: 0:27

      Duration: 1:01

    4. Trump considering Christie, Bondi for AG
      Duration: 0:27

    5. Chris Cuomo asks Giuliani: Will you apologize for Trump?
      Duration: 10:50

    6. Rudy Giuliani’s Mystery Trips to Russia, Armenia and Ukraine
      Duration: 3:26

    7. Chris Christie reacts to Trump's legal team shuffle
      Duration: 4:08

    8. President Trump Addresses Chris Christie Attorney General Speculation
      Duration: 0:42

    9. Chris Christie being considered to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general
      Duration: 2:11

    10. Rudy Giuliani on potential Trump interview for Mueller
      Duration: 17:58

    11. Rudy Giuliani on Donald Trump's upset win
      Duration: 6:49

    12. Rudy Giuliani says he doesn't agree with Trump about Mueller
      Duration: 9:31

    13. Giuliani: I never said there was no collusion in the campaign
      Duration: 10:59

    14. Google "Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Drag Queen Motorboat"
      Duration: 8:04

    15. Chris Christie to Rudy Giuliani: Butt out
      Duration: 2:38

    16. Rudy Giuliani: Nothing wrong with taking info from Russians
      Duration: 9:41

    17. Rudy Giuliani made a case to be attorney general
      Duration: 0:52

    18. Rudy Giuliani: This part of Mueller report is a 'cheap shot'
      Duration: 11:01

    19. Giuliani: Mueller had conflilcts of interest
      Duration: 14:04

    20. Rudy Giuliani: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
      Duration: 15:37