Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani Being Considered For Ag

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Chris Christie Rudy Giuliani Being Considered For Ag Video Embed List

    1. Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Pam Bondi reportedly considered for AG
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    4. Giuliani: I never said there was no collusion in the campaign
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    7. Rudy Giuliani’s Mystery Trips to Russia, Armenia and Ukraine
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    11. Trump and Rudy Giuliani Panic Over the Russia Probe: A Closer Look
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    12. Rudy Giuliani made a case to be attorney general
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    14. Trump considering Christie, Bondi for AG
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    15. Rudy Giuliani Keeps Making Things Worse for Trump: A Closer Look
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    16. Democrat: Thank you for putting Giuliani on TV
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    17. Rudy Giuliani Gets Fired Up for Trump at the RNC
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    20. Former Governor Chris Christie Under Consideration For Attorney General Post | Craig Melvin | MSNBC
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